Understanding Europe

Understanding Europe 
Who leads the EU? Which rules and customs govern the common policies of the 28 Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament? What role do NGOs, media and over 500 million EU citizens play in all this?

The aim of the EU Crash Course is to give young people a basic understanding of European politics. In four-hour lessons, we aim at engaging 25 pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and at encouraging them to partake in European politics.

Young people working in small groups, have room to ask their questions and to reflect together on how the EU affects their daily lives. A preparation in specialised teaching and knowledge to the EU are not required and Crash Courses are for free.
In groups of 20 students, the trainers of the Crash Course focus on three core fields:

  • Why does the EU exist? – Milestones in the history of the EU
  • Who is the EU? – Stakeholders in EU politics
  • What does the EU do? – EU Competences