National Sessions

One of EYPE’s main objectives as the national committee of EYP in this country is to select the students which will represent Spain in international sessions of EYP which take place in a different European city three times per year. This was the objective behind previous national sessions in Girona (2007), Banyoles (2007), Sevilla (2008), Barcelona (2009), Zaragoza (2010), Madrid (2011), Sitges (2012), Bilbao (2013) and Valencia (2014) which gathered Spanish students as well as a significant number of international participants. These four-day sessions are a small-scale simulation of what happens in an international session. As explained in the EVENTS page, students will take part in the three core activities of an EYP session: Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly. The students take part in the session representing their Schools, as the selection process is based around schools rather than individual participants. The criteria of the jury, in order of importance, is as follows:

  • Knowledge of the committee’s topic, as well as general knowledge of Europe which is important in any debate
  • Use of English, the main language of all EYP sessions
  • Motivation and willingness to participate in every aspect of the session
  • Cooperation within the team and respect for the opinions of other delegates