International Forums

The international forums of EYP follow the same structure as any other EYP session: teambuilding, committee work and general assembly. These sessions, however, can be up to nine days in length depending on the organisation which hosts them. The length of international forums often allows more time to be dedicated to cultural exchange between delegates who come from every corner of Europe, by way of events such as guided tours of museums and emblematic buildings, gastronomic evenings and presentations of local songs, dances and customs, among others. The main difference between international forums and national or regional sessions is the fact that the former has no jury to evaluate the participants. The objective of this type of session is to promote active participation of its participants, while encouraging members of the national committee to help forge a better Europe through their work and the voicing of their opinions. The participants of an international forum are chosen by the national committee of each country taking part, given that these young people need to be armed with fresh ideas and the skills necessary to ensure a high level of debates during the nine days which these sessions usually last. EYP España successfully organised its first international forum in the city of Girona in the summer of 2009. Since then, the Committee has organised 2 more International Forum both in Girona. This year 2015, EYP Spain is organising its 4th International Forum or Iberian Forum, Hiber 2015, which will be held in Zaragoza. Stay tuned for more updates!